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After receiving a technical diploma as an Architectural Technologist from Holland College, Prince Edward Island in 2001, Tim worked for a number of architectural firms in Charlottetown, which were formative in the way he now approaches architecture and function. Tim’s passion for design only increased, and so he decided to return to school to complete a Bachelor’s degree in art and architecture. Since he’s always admired the timeless architecture of Coastal Maine, he chose to study at the University of Augusta, Maine. In 2012, Tim returned to Canada and earned his Master's in Architecture degree at Carleton University in Ottawa.  But the shorelines of his home province never left
his heart, and so, in 2015, Tim moved back to PEI, where he eventually opened his own firm, Ardezen Design Group and operated as the sole practicing architect for three years.  In 2020, Tim sold Ardezen Design Group and opened
ARCHwork STUDIO to provide more tailored services to residential and commercial clients.

Tim Phelan,

Principal Architect, CET, B.A.Arch, M.Arch, AAPEI

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Located in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, ARCHwork

STUDIO was founded in 2020 by owner and principal architect,

Tim Phelan. We service both high end, custom residential

homes and commercial projects. 

ARCHwork STUDIO helps with:

  • architectural design

  • master planning

  • site orientation

  • 3D renderings and videos

  • project management

  • construction drawing 

  • interior consults


At ARCHwork STUDIO, we value every project, and we listen to

our clients’ wants and needs—every detail matters! We’ll work

with you to bring your vision to paper. 

Merging beauty with functionality

At the end of the day, the design needs to work. When you

hire ARCHwork STUDIO, you can trust that our designs will not

only be visually appealing, but they’ll also be functional. 

When you enlist our help to map out your vision, you’ll save

time and money. Our concise, yet detailed drawings allow

contractors to do their job more effectively.  

ARCHwork STUDIO looks forward to dreaming up your next

project, together.

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