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Faye El Hage,

Architect, M.Arch, OEA

Faye received a Masters in Architecture from the Lebanese University, Institute of Fine Arts in 2005, following her undergraduate degree in General Sciences from St. Peter School Amioun, Lebanon, in 1998. She has over 15 years of experience planning, developing, and implementing exceptional architectural designs, and it’s this wealth of knowledge that she draws on to ensure projected architectural designs meet client needs and are functional, safe, and economical.


Faye has designed and developed numerous large projects, such as residential and commercial towers in Abu Dhabi, in collaboration with international consultants, ranging in value from 20 M to 30 M, with total areas of 24,000 m2. She has managed and monitored the progress of all phases of small- and medium-scale projects, including 15 villas and residential buildings in Koura-Lebanon, from design, design development, construction drawings, documentation, and construction phases.


Project diversity has given her international experience that has helped her learn alternative perspectives and develop an understanding of and sensitivity to different customs and cultural traditions. Faye is excited to bring this cultural lens to her work with the ARCHwork STUDIO team.

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