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Land, sea, and sky were the composing elements of this wedge mono-slope design. The homeowners (and their beautiful dogs) love the outdoors. With this in mind, certain elements and materials from the exterior of the home were brought into the interior. 

The cedar ceiling extends to the exterior of the home, drawing your eye out and up to the beautiful sky. A grey concrete hearth surrounding the fireplace creates a paradox of cold and warmth to the modern space. The screened-in room was designed to be an extension of the home, mixing a blend of exterior- and interior-like finishes. The high ceilings and angular windows enhance the views by framing each one as a picture. Every day, the homeowners enjoy an artistic masterpiece in the form of sunrises and sunsets. The open rod iron gates invite visitors into the quaint courtyard that links the main house to the garage and to the pool area. The break in the wedge elongates the home’s modern shape, following the land to the sky design.

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